"How far for a dream"? 



imagine that...


Thespis of Icaria



You'll meet characters whose dramatical role are to personize human demon shadow archetypes neutralized.

Put in the movie to undress the fight within all bodies and organisations in society as a whole - asymbolizing sides within us.

Not moralistic, but targeting powers  confronting the eternal protagonistic lightlyhoods we seem to protect through history.

Externally: A simple story in the stretch between good, bad and hybridus of the two.

The forms differ from naturalistic to banalities, implicite absurd shapes with irony and humour.

Don't take it seriously - it's just another film.

The old greeks were said to secure salvage of man's cultural, ethical and religious contentuum through intervention by Deus Ex Machina, or destiny/Karma if you like.

In this way problems too great for humans was solved.

"God" doesn't directly interfere, but acts as witness of the films core-evil acts.

If you don't find the movie as such welcome, you're welcome!

It's no back scratching tool, neither a thesis of having seen "The light".



"MIKE" Copyright Thespis Film 2023

"Mike", the expression of the PTSD-wounded veteran playing his own game, far away from trend-setting influencers' domenes.

Searching for freedom, finding himself imprisoned, in both a literally and also in a trancendental way.

This persona was the source and power to write this screenplay. Hadn't it been for "Mike", this film would never been worked out.


"ROB" Copyright Thespis Film 2023
Rob Copyright Thespis Film 2023

"Rob", the low-road rider who jumps on the horse which seemingly follows a "fast track" to heaven becomes the complex antagonist - the one we could hate and understand, but hardly love.

The "Snake" or "Dragon" in this story is meant to be "Mr. Trumperie", somewhat stereotypical, but also intended to personize the overall temptations we all could face, if we only were given the options.

"Rita" is the Origo which all perifere powers are dragged inwards to.

She also experiences fear and powerlessness, and tries in her own way to restore unbalance with quite hard contrapower, and walks out of the story leaving the two left main characters to a final quest.

The other characters are all representating powers.

Needed to draw an environment representing systems or institutions to link logic binds to the plot:

"Psychiatric Ward", the up-locked patient, the "Bank Executive" and law enforcement - all created for good intentions, risking wrong-doing.

A QUESTION OF SURVIVAL           Homecoming veterans = Two main paths:

LIFE - OR NOT                                                           Mentallly hurt, drugs, alcohol, demanding actions, agression to overcome fear, transactions, risk-longing activities, periodically retreat, aggressive reactions built on experienced combat fear.

Easy to "regroup" into total isolation or mono-focused actions to overshadow fear...

...or overfocuse on safety, security and even system-building platforms for protection - in any form: An ever-lasting struggle to prevent any surprising "attacks". Transforming battle-reflex into pseudo-military ways of defence destroys normal approach to everyday civilian life in all arenas: Privat or professionally.

Coming back from service knowingly been taken under fire - and firing to kill - changed my ways of evaluating my surroundings - sometime distinguishing between real field comrades and "friends" enjoying their own ride.

many things, however, are good things: As standing up for others to some extreme extent at times - honour sticks deep in the sol of any soldier having seen death within such frame-settings.

The "Nine to five" feeling life that I had before service, with children who I love darely, wife and a civil career on path was was completely lost.

PTSD knows not time - it is still as if it all happened a short while ago.

CLINICAL OBSERVATION vs DIAGNISIS        Real life impressions transform into threatening substances, popping up like a jack-in-the-box, sometimes with no pre-warning.

SURVIVAL TECHNIQUES                            Intensivated/exaggrerated behaviour subconciasly covering up pain becoms a curse hindering normal life.

I now work my way back, with a meaningful film project training interaction and unwrapping the more healthy sides of a life, trying to oppose and degreed the PTSD power combined with determined therapy lessons.

As a veteran I was not able to see my own pain before professionals helped me open some boxes...

So surviving by supressing and transforming was my way of surviving - mixed with suicidal sideways - covering up pain as best I could.

FREUD?                                                          JUNG?                                                      MASLOW?                                          SKINNER?                                                     ROGERS?                                                           Veteran may loose some sights of  ID/SELF, and may hunt normality by "scoring points" to accomplish the illusion of functionality.

Scarred and naked skin will never cope with pain if wounds are plastered with only lies. Accepting own shame and fear is important, though not easy. Cognitive sayings are easy - but the soul cries out for calibration to these parametres.

"SHOULD I STAY - OR SHOULD I GO?"         Really wanting to leave this world - through suicidal experiences are living inside this package.

"Price of war" is never paid by medals.

Lack of economic potential is obvious, caused by irregularities and shifts in working areas combined with full retreat.

"LEGACY"                                                              It is certanly unfair that people must find pain when they open a book for their own adveture, but still:

A "movie" - or a "film" - can try to describe pain.

"Legacy" consists of individual scenes and personas linked into a whole. Only one character - Mike - is obviously a veteran with PTSD - but the others fight their own fights - transformed as parallell PTSD-impulse-related beside the obvious soldier-PDSD-viktim Mike.

Original skills, lust, and wonders of love to life becomes hidden for all, also the veteran himself.

Any therapist must be strong to deal with this. Mutual trust is one hundered percent from each side decides the amount of progress possibilities.

THREE PILLARS                                                       Anyway: Economical, social and mental rebuilding are fundamental premises in restoring lives .

Health care, nutrition, mobility, respected/-fully housing, a minimum of ownership to your own life, vacational adventures, big or small - self respect as well as respect from others - it all comes down to resources coming out of these three pillars.

veterans should not appear as "poor, worthless beggars".

RISING FROM SHAME                                         The veterans have no servants.                     The flag state allways has.

Balance is importance - for both soldiers' sacrifice - as for the flag states which he risked his life for.

                       Copyright Thespis Film 2023